Industry Links

We believe this site contains the best information available for California specific reserve studies.  For more information, please visit our national website at

Industry resource information HOA Pulse.  The most comprehensive industry resource site is HOA Pulse, where we are site sponsors.  HOA Pulse contains current news and articles about the industry, full state statutes, full text of homeowners association case law, management company directory, business directory, education, and more.

Reserve study software - Facilities 7.  Facilities 7 software was developed by the principals of Facilities Advisors, Inc. as a superior tool to prepare all our reserve studies.  It was also designed with the intent that our clients could use our internet-based software program so you could keep your reserve planning program "fresh." We are the only reserve study company that offers this service.

Industry trade organizations - Community Associations Institute (CAI) national site, and there are several chapters throughout California.

Other organizations - International Capital Budgeting Institute (ICBI) - International organization that provides guidelines for the establishment and financial reporting of capital budgets.